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"Michael targeted in on great points and gave a lot of good tools to use. There were many take-aways and refreshers that were so helpful. Great presentation."


"Michael was a great source of energy. I liked his iceberg analogy to the subconscious, and the discussion around avoiding pitfalls."


"I really liked Michael's session. He reinforced some ideas and concepts that I used to find confusing but when Michael said it, it made total sense."


"I thought he gave a very solid presentation. I liked that his was a more psychology-based explanation to his themes. I also appreciate when a presenter can keep the attention of the audience, especially after hours at a retreat, which I think he did."


"Michael's presentation was very practical. He offered many useful techniques about habits and achieving goals. His facts about fear of failure as a reason people do not achieve their goals was convincing. The whole presentation was very interesting. Very good overall presentation!"


"Michael was great. Very practical advice. Good mental imagery that led to good retained insight."


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